What is Biomass and how is it used?
Biomass includes any woody material we strategically take off the land as a by-product of forest restoration. Biomass can be used to produce a full range of products including energy, lumber, composites, paper and pulp, furniture, housing components, round wood, ethanol and other liquids, chemicals, biochar, and energy feedstocks.
What Topics will be Covered?
We will hear from regional experts, and have opportunities for conversations on the following topics:
  • Success stories and lessons learned from the real world. What may or may not work in Crook County?
  • How can we scale biomass projects that are the right size for our local supply?
  • Emerging Technologies – What’s the Next “Hot” Thing?
  • Policy and financial opportunities/challenges for biomass utilization.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is interested in learning about emerging technologies that utilize the by-products of forest restoration efforts on both private and public lands. The registration fee is $25 per person but scholarships will be available upon request (volunteer service will be required).
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