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Wildlife Habitat

Restoring clean, abundant water for fish and a diverse wildflife habitat for a sustainable hunting and fishing culture.

Science Based

We work with research scientists to determine whether the forest treatments will achieve our desired results of forest resilience.

Job Creation

Projects to support sustainable economic development in surrounding communities, to keep income local.

Reduce Fire Risk

Forest management projects to reduce the risk of high-intensity wildfires that threaten our community and economy.

About the OFRC
The Ochoco Forest Restoration Collaborative forges solutions to the challenges facing our national forest and the Crooked River Grassland based on good science and social values. We get behind projects like thinning stands of trees that are too dense, replanting for more diverse vegetation, prescribed fires to reduce fire risks and improve habitat, and timber harvests that are scaled to make sense.

Every plan balances all the demands on our national forest and grasslands:

  • Wildlife habitat.
  • Clean, abundant water for fish and people.
  • Hunting and fishing.
  • Responsible timber harvesting and other job creation.
  • Motorized access.
Front and Center: Community Well-being
OFRC relies on those who know the Ochocos and grasslands the best. Each project begins with the community, with input from locals, scientists, forest managers, timber companies, conservationists, elected leaders and businesses that depend on the woods.

The result: Restoration projects that improve forest resiliency and reflect community values.

Who Are We?
Since 2012, we’ve been hard at work on forest management projects. We’re your neighbors, working alongside many other stakeholders who love our public lands:
  • Community members.
  • Landowners.
  • Economic development partners.
  • City and County elected officials.
  • Tribal representatives.
  • Environmental groups.
  • Forest products companies.
  • Local, state and federal agencies.
  • Forestry scientists.
Interested in Membership?
Our meetings and events are open to all. Guests participate fully in discussions and are invited to share views. The only requirement is healthy respect and a willingness to listen to others.
Voting membership is available to active participants. Active members are those who:
  • Sign our Declaration of Commitment.
  • Attend at least two of the most recent four meetings, or
  • Send a proxy to the meetings, or
  • Provide substantial written comments.
  • Are not employees of the U.S. Forest Service or other federal government agencies.
We welcome you to be part of the solution and support our work.
Our meetings and events are open to all.